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FRP Call Software “Just one click to make a call” (without code)

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FRP Call Software “Just one click to make a call” (without code)

Download Fast FRP call (tool have been removed by Google)

How to use Fast FRP call

  1. With the phone in language screen, we just need to put a sim card and enable wifi connection so now we need a terminal who connect to Samsung modem and send the at commands to the modem.
    These steps will be crucial for the operation!!!.
  2. When sim card was put in the phone and wifi connection enabled and connected we can proceed to next step
  3. Open Fast frp Software and write any number this command is for dial a phone call to the number customer care number link 198 for India or whatever number we put on it.
  4. After command was sent, wait a few seconds and the phone will make a phone call, when the phone call starts immediately end the call and quickly select create contact
  5. In create contact menu, slide down and find the option SCAN BUSINESS CARD and click agree in galaxy apps to.
    • For the devices that don’t have the option of a business card just don’t select create contact, need to select Message Option!!**** at the end of this thread, you will see how to do it!!
  6. when click agree on galaxy apps to, log in to your Samsung account or create a new Samsung account and log in, click in search and input Es File Explorer and download install and open the app.
  7. after that, the most important step is the installation of bypass apk, for some devices with MicroSD card support just put the Frp Bypass.Apk into the root of sd card and install it with es file explorer like in the picture!!!
  8. Frp Bypass apk download:
  9. Easy Frp Bypass – Download 
    • For devices WHO DONT HAVE micro sd support like Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge, and Edge+ need to use es file explorer’s Bluetooth feature to enable Bluetooth in the device to receive the apk of the bypass from another device!!
  10. After install open the Bypass Apk and click Google Account Login!!
  11. In the next screen click browser sign in! to sign in with your Google Account, input your Gmail and password
  12. when login success will return to the previous screen!!!
  13. and after that click on bypass go to settings 1, in settings menu go to accounts and check if your google account was signed in the device successfully, now return to the previous page and RESTART THE PHONE!!
  14.  When the phone restarts just to follow the steps normally and the google account will be added with your google account and will bypass frp lock and enter to the Main menu of TouchWiz UI!!!

For Remove the frp lock permanently!!

just in setting options to delete your google account and Samsung account that you use to bypass frp lock, and Navigate to Backup & reset and factory reset data!! after this you will remove the frp lock permanently!!! to check frp lock was removed enter in download mode and a check is FRP LOCK IS OFF.

****In the Third Step: For the devices that don’t have the business card option in contact create menu need to Click Message and a message menu will be open with the number that we call, just type in message https://www.google.com and open the link that will open the Samsung browser and find in google es file explorer apk and install it, or type this url: http://wikisir.com/bypass-google-verify-tool/

that link is for download es file explorer apk, when download complete install it from Samsung browser just find the download history and install it from it and follow the next step 4!!****

I Hope this help people who ask for frp remove the solution, remember to read all steps carefully and follow the instructions!!

This method was tested in many devices like Galaxy S6 variants, J Series, A Series all new Samsung phones.

wikisir :