How to unlock OPPO pattern lock, Password unlock (hard reset) Flash Software

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How to Read Pattern Lock OPPO A37, A37fw (Neo 9) By Miracle 2.58

way to Read Pattern Lock OPPO A37, A37fw by Miracle software, you won’t lose your any data by following steps or reading pattern, now you don’t need to hard reset or flash your device to break pattern lock or password. I hope this method would help you to get back your forgotten pattern lock.

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Note: This method has successfully been tested with OPPO A37, A37fw, you can try with your any Qualcomm CPU OPPO Devices.

Let’s Start to Read Pattern Lock OPPO A37 | A37fw:

  • -Before we start, we need a Computer to read pattern lock OPPO A37. Switch off OPPO A37 by pressing the power key.
  • -Now download software and driver for reading pattern lock.

Download Software & Driver:

⇒ Miracle 2.58 Software with Loader  [DOWNLOAD]

⇒ QDLoader-HS-USB Driver [DOWNLOAD]

  • -Once downloading finish. Turn off “Antivirus” Software, otherwise “Miracle Software” will not run. Extract both downloaded software and driver. Install “QDLoader HS USB Driver”.
  • Go to extracted folder “Miracle 2.58”. Run as administrator “Miracle 2.58 Loader”. After that, wait for a while until “Miracle Software” launch. Go to > Qualcomm > Read/Format Flash.

Connect OPPO A37 To Computer:

  • Open “Device Manager” on your computer to check OPPO Driver. While pressing both (Volume UP + Down) keys, connect the device to the computer.
  • Note: Make sure, you are connecting OPPO to the computer while pressing both volume keys. Keep pressing both volume keys for 8-9 sec, after that release keys.
  • Now you will be able to see “QDLader” driver under (COM&LPT) tab. Now go to “Miracle” software.
  • Click on “PORT”, and select Port of connected OPPO device. Now Select “Read Pattern”, after that click on “START” button to Read Pattern Lock OPPO A37, A37fw. Wait few minutes until “Being Analysed data..” finish.
  • After that, you will be able to see “OPPO A37 Pattern Lock”. Same as shown in below image. In above image, the pattern code we’ve got is “74123659“. See below image about, how to read Pattern Code.
  • Congrats, you have successfully Read Pattern Lock OPPO A37, A37fw.
  • Disconnect your device, and restart it. After that put pattern code by following above example.

Note: If this method did not help you to read pattern lock, then you can unlock pattern just by the comment

How to Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock and Pin Lock (Qualcomm CPU)

You can easily Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock, PIN Lock, Password easily by latest 2018 method, this method would also work on some “Qualcomm Devices” as well, you can try with your Qualcomm OPPO devices too, If you’ve forgotten your PIN Lock, Password, Pattern Lock, after trying all method, this is the final method that would bring your device back.

Note: This method has been applied on OPPO R9S. If you have another model of OPPO, Click Here to Unlock.

Let’s Start to Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock:

  • Switch Off Device. First, try to “Hard Reset” your device.
  • Go to “Recovery Mode” by pressing (Volume UP + Power Key).
  • Now try to “Wipe Data” from there, if it asks you to enter Password, or Pin Lock before hard reset device, then we need to try an alternate method.

Download Miracle 2.58 & Qualcomm Driver:

  • Go to your Computer internet Browser. Open
  • Type in google search bar “Download FRP Tools“.
  • Go down, and download from there “Miracle 2.58“, and also “Qdloader-HS-USB Driver“.

Connect OPPO R9S To Computer:

  • -First of all, Install “Qualcomm Driver” to Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock. Switch off the device. Open “Device Manager” on your computer to trace “COM PORT”.
  • -Keep opening “Device Manager” in front of you, because you will be able to understand what is the “COM Port” of your device, and com-port will appear right after you connect the device to the computer.
  • -Now while pressing both (Volume UP + Volume Down) keys, connect your device to the computer. Keep pressing both volume keys until you see device has successfully connected to the computer.
  • Note: Make sure you are both volume keys while connecting your device to the computer. Once device connected to the computer, you will be able to see your device” COM Port” as shown in below image.

Install Miracle 2.58 & Qualcomm Driver:

  • -Turn off “Antivirus Software” to avoid miracle file deleting.
  • -Extract & Open “Miracle 2.58” software. Go to > Qualcomm > Read/Format Flash.
  • -Click on “PORT” and select right “COM Port” of your OPPO R9S Device to easily Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock.
  • -After that, select “Factory Reset” and “AUTO Mode” in your miracle.
  • -Now you are ready to Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock by clicking on “START” button.
  • -Wait for a while until Miracle 2.58 Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock.
  • -Once miracle finishes its work, you can unplug your device from the computer, and then complete initial setup to access your device HOME SCREEN.

Thank you’ve succeeded to Remove OPPO R9S Pattern Lock, if you have any question regarding this method, yo can us in comment session.

Remove OPPO Pattern Lock, PIN, Password OPPO F1 Plus, F1s [Latest]

Remove OPPO Pattern Lock, we hope this method would work smoothly for your OPPO device, Remove OPPO Lock OPPO F1 Plus (X9009), OPPO F1s (A1601) by flashing oppo devices. Everything has been described in this post briefly and also download links are just 1 click away.

Note: This method is only for OPPO F1 Plus (X9009), OPPO F1s (A1601) .

Download Flashing Tools:

You need to download “SP Flash Tool”, as well as “Lock Removal File” relevant your device model.

After downloading finish, extract downloaded files.

Let’s Start to Remove OPPO Pattern Lock:

  • -Go to “SP Flash Tool” folder.
  • -Run “Flash_Tool” software.
  • -Click on 2nd no “Choose” button to give “Scatter_Loading” file path.
  • Note: Give “Scatter_Loader” file path from your downloaded “Oppo F1s or F1 Plus” lock removal file.
  • -After that, uncheck “Preloader” option.
  • -Now click on “DOWNLOAD” button to Remove OPPO Pattern Lock.
  • -Switch off “Oppo Device”.
  • -While pressing “Volume UP” key, connect OPPO device to the computer.
  • -After that, “SP Flash Tool” will detect your device, and you will be able to see it would start flashing oppo device to Remove OPPO Pattern Lock.
  • -Once SP Flash tool reached “100{d16c0c2f1331e57424be8fbca428d4c43db411cb3cc5089aea837a72c48f7915}”, that means it has successfully flashed your OPPO software.
  • -Now disconnect your device and complete initial setup.


  • -Download Flash Tool + Lock Removal File
  • -Extract files
  • -Open “SP Flash Tool”, and give “Scatter_Loading” file from lock removal folder.
  • -Connect Oppo to Computer
  • -Click on “Download Button” to Remove OPPO Pattern Lock.

How to Unbrick and Unlock Pattern Lock OPPO F3 [Latest-2018]

How to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5 [Latest Dec-2017 Method]

unlock your forgotten pattern lock from OPPO F5 devices, to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5, you need to download some OPPO Unlocking tools to remove the pattern.

We also need to download “OPPO F5 STOCK ROM”, everything you can get from this page with the single click.

Download OPPO Tools:

⇒ DownloadTools [DOWNLOAD]

⇒ USB Driver (MT65xx_Preloader) [DOWNLOAD]


  • -After downloading, extract all downloaded files from WinRAR archive. Install Downloaded OPPO Tools:
  • -Install “MT65xx_Preloader”. Go to the extracted folder “Oppo_All_Tools”.
  • -Install “PDAnet.exe”, if you get a popup of “USB Driver Found”, just click on “Yes”, after that click on “OK”.

Note: while installing pdanet.exe, if you get popup “USB Driver Installation“, click on “SKIP USB“.

  • -Install “CodeMeterRuntime”. After installation done, open “CodeMeter” Software.
  • -Now click on “File”, then click on “Import License”, after that give path of  “OPPOMsmDownloadTool License” file which is available in “Oppo_All_Tools” folder.
  • -Now we have successfully activated “CodeMeter” to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5.

Download OPPO F5 STOCK ROM to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5:

-Download any one ROM from below according to your “OPPO F5 Model”.

⇒ CPH1723_11_A.07_171105 [DOWNLOAD]

⇒ CPH1723_11_A.07_171021  [DOWNLOAD]

⇒ CPH1723_11_A.07_171116  [DOWNLOAD]

⇒ CPH1723_11_A.07_171015  [DOWNLOAD]

-After Downloading finish, extract “Stock ROM”, now copy and past “DownloadTools.exe” all files in “Stock ROM” folder.

Let’s Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5:

  • -Open “DownloadTool.exe“.
  • -If you get a popup of “.ofp”, give path “.ofp” file from “STOCK ROM”.
  • -After that, go to “OPPO_All_Tools” folder, and open “ENABLE.exe”, and then click on “Enable” button.
  • -Now Select “Upgrade Download”, after that click on “START ALL”.

 Note: If your “Start” button is not enabled, then follow user comments.

Connect OPPO F5 To Computer:

  • -To successfully Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5, we need to connect OPPO device to computer or laptop.
  • -Switch OFF “OPPO F5 Device”.
  • -While Pressing “Volume UP + Volume Down” keys, insert USB Cable to OPPO device port.

Note: Make sure, you are connecting OPPO Device to Computer while pressing “Volume UP + Volume Down” keys together, means first insert USB Cable one end to Computer port, after that, while pressing volume up + down, keys together, insert 2nd end USB Cable to your OPPO USB Port.

  • -Now you will see in “DownloadTools” that flashing process has been started.
  • -Wait until it finishes, and your “OPPO F5″ device auto restart”.

Note: Flashing Process may take 5-10 Minutes to be finished.

  • -Once OPPO F5 device shows you “OPPO” logo, just disconnect OPPO F5 from the computer.
  • -Congrats, on successfully flashing OPPO F5 device.
  • -Now from “Welcome Screen“, tap on “Emergency Call” button.
  • -Dial this number “*#812#“.
  • -After dialing above code, you will be redirected to “OPPO F5 HOME SCREEN”.

Thanks for visiting us, if this method really worked with your OPPO F5 to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F5, do comments below of this post.

Unlock All OPPO: Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, F5, F1 Plus, A37, A39

Unlock All OPPO: Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, F5, F1 Plus, A37, A39

remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, F1 Plus, F1, A37fw, as well as A39 device, if you have other devices you can ask me a method to remove that device pattern lock, i will describe you setting of Crack NCK Dongle Software. You can easily Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3 without downloading any firmware, just you have to download below software and install in your computer or laptop and follow all given steps carefully to remove pattern lock from OPPO smartphones.

Note: This method successfully tested with “OPP F1 Smartphone”, but this method would also work for OPPO F3, OPPO F5, OPPO F1 Plus, OPPO F1, OPPO A39, and OPPO A37.

Download OPPO Unlock Tools in Computer:



Let’s Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3:

  • -Once Download finish of both above tools, extract “OPPO USB Driver” and install it.
  • -Turn off  “Antivirus Software” to run NCK Software.
  • -Extract “NCK_Android_MTK” and go to its extracted folder.
  • -Right click on “NCK Mtk Dongle Loader” and then run as administrator.
  • -Click on “Service”.
  • -Select “MT6752” (for OPPO  F5/ F3 / F1 Plus / F1 / A39 Devices)
  • -Select “FACTORY REBOOT”.
  • Note: If you have OPPO A37, then select “MT6735“.

Switch Off OPPO Device to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3:

  • -Switch Off OPPO Device.
  • -Click on “Reboot Phone in SELECT MODE”.
  • -While pressing both “Volume UP + Volume DOWN” keys together, insert USB Cable (Keep Pressing Until you see Device detected in NCKDongle Software).
  • -Now you will have the same scenario in below image, once device detected and unlocking done.
  • -Remove USB Cable and wait until you get some “Chinese Options”.
  • -By pressing volume down key, go to “eMMC“, and then press “Power key” to select “eMMC”.
  • -Now, wait (3-5 minutes) until Oppo device start.
  • Note: If you’re unable to see “eMMC”, on your OPPO F3, so try this alternate method.
  • -Tap on “Emergency Call” from the welcome screen.
  • -Type there this code “*#812#“, after that you will be redirected to the Main Home screen of “OPPO”.

Change OPPO Language from Chinese to Eng:

  • -Tap on “Settings” icon to go to settings.
  • -Follow below image to change the language.

Congrats!, you have succeeded to Remove Pattern Lock OPPO F3, OPPO F5, OPPO F1 Plus, OPPO F1, OPPO A39, and OPPO A37 Smartphones.

Note: If you have other models of OPPO, you can ask me methods to remove pattern lock in the comment box, rest method would be same, only you have to set correct “MT number” in NCKDongle Software.


  • -Download Unlock Tools and Install them.
  • -Open NCK Software as administrator.
  • -Select correct options in NCK Software as described above.
  • -Switch Off OPPO device, while pressing “Volume UP + Down” keys together, insert USB Cable.
  • -Once device detected in “NCK Software”, and you get “All Done” in NCK, just unplug the device.
  • -Select “eMMC” using Volume and Power key.
  • -Tap on “Emergency Call”, and dial code “*#812#”.
  • -Change Langue from Chinese to Eng.

OPPO Remove Password and Unlock Pattern Oppo A37, F1s, A1601

OPPO Remove Password and Unlock Pattern Oppo A37, F1s, A1601

Latest Nov-Method: Oppo F5, F3, F1, F1 Plus, A39, A38 Unlock Pattern Method Available without downloading any firmware, Use simple NCK Software, and you are done. [CLICK HERE]

Note: If you want to Bypass Google Account or FRP Protection on OPPO Device [CLICK HERE]

Hard reset OPPO is simple, just follow below steps.

  • ⇒ Press “Power button + Volume Down button” to go to recovery mode
  • ⇒ Select Language “English
  • ⇒ Select “Install from storage Device“. (If there is no option to wipe data so look for 2nd one)
  • ⇒ Select “Wipe Data” instead of above one.
  • ⇒ Now “Reboot” your device.

If even after hard reset,  you are facing the same issue so lets look for another method.

If you are unable to go to recovery mode, then follow this step to OPPO remove the password, or to get back you Oppo F1s, A1601, A37.

Let’s Start OPPO Remove Password:

Note: If you want to Unlock Oppo Pattern Lock without Downloading Firmware [Click Here]

To Fix Oppo issue, you need these all:

-Download Firmware (OPPO A37fw).
-Laptop/Desktop to install firmware through.
-Data cable to connect your OPPO mobile through Desktop.

Note: If your device “Oppo A37” only vibrate after flashing, then i would prefer to download “Oppo A37fw FIRMWARE” and flash with that. See in details to fix vibrate only after flash OPPO A37 [CLICK HERE]

OPPO A37fw Firmware

How to Do OPPO Remove Password:

  • ⇒ Download and extract “OPPO A37 Firmware”
  • ⇒ Go to extracted folder, and open “MSM8x390downloadtool.exe” from there.
  • ⇒ You will there be one popup window of MSM tool.
  • ⇒ Now “Switch off OPPO” mobile to connect through PC via USB cable.
  • ⇒ While pressing “Volume up & down key” insert “USB Cable into your OPPO device.
  • ⇒ Once Oppo connected, then click to “START” from “MSM Software”, as shown in below image.

Note: You will get a “Disk Device” in “Device Type”, this is proof that OPPO Connect Successfully.

  • ⇒ It will take 5-6 minutes to accomplish its downloading progress in “MSM software”.
  • ⇒ After 5-6 minutes, you will see there, “USB DOWNLOAD Completed“.
  • ⇒ Now disconnect your oppo device, and your flashing has done to OPPO Remove Password.
  • ⇒ Switch on your OPPO Device, it will take several minutes to be switched on.
    ⇒ Now you have successfully unlocked your OPPO device.
  • Note: If you are unable to Unlock Oppo Pattern, try this latest NOV-2017 Method [Click Here]


  1. 1. Download and Extract and Open MSM Software in your PC.
  2. 2. Press both volume up and down key of OPPO device and then insert USB Cable to your OPPO Device
  3. 3. Wait few minutes till it successfully connected, then click to “START” from MSM Software.

You are done now once downloading progress finished, and after that disconnect oppo and turn on.

Bypass Google Account OPPO F5, F3, F1 Plus, F1, A37, A39 [Nov-2017]

Bypass Google Account FRP OPPO A37, A39, F1s, F1 Plus, Neo 7, Neo 7s

How to Solve Oppo A37fw Only Vibrate After Flash with Latest Firmware

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It is supporting Android Marshmallow

How to unlock OPPO pattern lock, password unlock (hard reset)

Require Files



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To set Fingerprint lock

For first-timers, if you don’t know how to set up the fingerprint scanner on the F1 Plus, here is the guide that will let you know how to do it.

Go to Settings > Fingerprint and password > and here, there is an option to Add a fingerprint. Tap on that. It will ask you to place your finger on the touch-control area on the home button and then move it and repeat until the registration is completed. Once the center area is done, you will then be asked to help register the edges.

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