How to unlock Pattern lock on Vivo mobile

many people asked me How to unlock Pattern lock in Vivo mobile so that in this blog I am going to tell you the working method to unlock vivo pattern lock with your computer. you have to download some required file to flash the mobile.


How to unlock Pattern lock on Vivo mobile

Requires file

You can unlock your mobile phone by your own hands you have to put the locked device in download mode and connect the mobile via USB cable. remember you have to install USB driver before following the process.

OPPO unauthorized, can not download, please check internet connections, Or contact OPPO Service Center

All download links are given at top of the blog before starting this process you have to download all files. Now put the mobile into download mode by pressing volume down and up keys together and same time insert USB cable. now you can check the connected device in device manager in any case your device didn’t show in device manager you have to install correct drivers.

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