S8 Not Charging After Getting Wet

S8 Not Charging After Getting Wet

S8 Not Charging After Getting Wet

If your phone keeps showing moisture detected error, we have a few fixes for you to try below. This error message usually shows up if the system detects moisture or water in the USB charging port. It doesn’t mean that the phone is damaged. It only indicates that the device blocks charging via USB charging port to prevent shorting other components.

  • Moisture Detected Fix #1

With that said, usually, this error occurs when you are charging your phone while the phone is off.  As simple as this may sound, but simply turn on your phone first (or reboot your phone) and then plug in the charger.  It’s simple as that.  The moisture detected error typically show up when you try to charge the phone while the phone is off.

  • Moisture Detected Fix #2

If your phone is out of battery and you cannot turn on the phone first prior to charging, then try holding the power button and volume down at the same time, and while holding both buttons, plug in the charger, you should see phone load up with the last bit of juice.

  • Moisture Detected Fix #3

And if you’re still getting the error, the last thing you can do is to take advantage of the wireless charging function.  You would likely have to pick up a new wireless charger if you don’t already have one.

  • Moisture Detected Fix #4

Here’s a low tech solution, take a Q-Tip and clean around the charging USB port to make sure it’s completely dry and dust free.  Also, try using a blow dryer at low heat to blow around and dry out the area.  You might think this is so obvious and simple, but it has worked for several of our readers!

  • Moisture Detected Fix #5

By the way, you may continue to get this error over and over, even if your phone has not come near any water in days.  What we’ve found is that you can try this:

  1. go to apps settings
  2. go to system apps
  3. USB Settings
  4. Storage
  5. clear data
  6. reboot phone

comment below if this helps!

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