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Download Apex Launcher 4.0.1. Just set up your phone so that you like it. Top Launcher. Android allows users to install custom launchers that will modify the look and feel of their device’s interface. These launchers offer advanced options to look at how the home screen and app drawer, especially their animation, theme, and app icons change. Apex launcher, such a launcher, is an ideal person for those who prefer the “no frills” look of the original Android home screen, but with additional transition animations, gesture controls, and so on. It works on any Android device running Android 4.0.3.


Apex Launcher is an Android app.

Download Apex Launcher 4.0.1. Just set up your phone so that you like it. Top Launcher

Apex Launcher (129582 downloads)

  • Apex Launcher 3.1.0 (Android 4.0.3+)
    Powerful drawer optimization (Sort sort in the drawer, folders in drawers)
    Unread count notifications (provided by Free Apex Notifier Extension)
    Convenient icon gesture (swipe up and down action)
    More gesture options (two-finger signals)
    Additional transition effects (accordion, cross, etc.)
    Advanced Folder Support (Bulk Add, Merge Folder)
    Advanced Widget Option (widget in dock, overlapping widget)
    More features on the way!

Tips for Apex Launcher

To create a folder, press an icon for a long time and drag it to another icon.
• Long press the press/folders on the desktop and select Edit from the popup menu to customize the icon and label.
• Set Apex Launcher as the default Home Screen app to create icon shortcuts from other apps (like Chrome)

This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission for optional screen off / lock functionality.

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How to use Apex Launcher

Open the Google Play Store. Tap the white shopping bag icon from the Play Store on your Home screen or App drawer.
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 2
Search for Apex Launcher In the top right, tap on the search icon (magnifying glass) to open the search area, type “Apex launcher” and press the magnifying glass again to begin the search.
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 3
Select Apex Launcher. Tap on the app’s name to select it. You will be taken to the app’s information page.
If you wish, read the top launcher’s details and reviews.
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 4
Install the app. Tap on the “Install” button at the top of the page. Tap “Accept” on the Permission page, then wait for the app to download and install it.

Setting Apex Launcher as Your Default Launcher
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 5
Bring Launcher options. Just after installing the app, press the Home button on your device to bring up a pop-up window, by asking which launcher you want to use by default.
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 6
Select “Top”. In the list that appears, the installed launches should come. Tap “Top” to select it and then tap “Always”.
Now, your device will use Apex as your default launcher.

Optimizing your top launcher home screen
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 7
Add App Shortcuts. You can see that once you are on Apex the home screen will be bare. You can normally add app shortcuts to the stock Android launcher. To open the Apps drawer, start by tapping the app icon.
In the drawer, just tap an app to bring it to the Home screen, drag it to the area where you want it to be, and let it go. For all those apps you want to add to your home screen.
Alternatively, you can add apps by tapping and holding an empty area on the Home screen and selecting “Apps” in the menu. A list of apps will appear; Select an app and it will be placed on the Home screen.
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 8
Add widget You can also add widgets to the Home screen. These are interactive home screen elements that can display current applications such as weather, time, various feeds, and similar information.
To bring up the Home screen menu, tap and hold the empty area on the home screen.
Tap “Widgets” and select the widget from the outgoing list.
Choose from the desired widget size; These are measured according to the grid size set for your home screen, which you can set in the top settings.
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 9
Add action shortcuts. To bring home screen customization menu, you can add action shortcuts to the empty area on the Home screen and for app actions caught.
Just select an app, and select the action that will be executed after the icon is taped.
Image titled Apex launcher on your Android step 10
Change your wallpaper. Setting Apex as your default launcher will not change your wallpaper. You can easily change the wallpaper from the menu when you tap the Home screen.
Select “Wallpaper” from the menu and tap on wallpaper from the list. To use the selected wallpaper, tap “Set wallpaper” in the top left corner.

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