Samsung S7 FRP Bypass Combination File

Now we can remove samsung galaxy s7 FRP account lock by using a Samsung combination file. This solution will unlock G9300, G9308, G930A, G930F, G930P, G930R, G930S, G930T, G930U, G930V, G930W, G930X, U6 U5 U4 U U2 U1

Samsung FRP account lock is a reactivation lock which secure the Android device by thief. In case you lost you samsung galaxy s7 no one can unlock it without Google account. that is the reason we have made this solution only for device owner.

Can we Bypass samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930X FRP Using Combination Files?


Is It Possible to Remove samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930X FRP Without Combination File?


Can we download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930X frp combination file?


Download samsung galaxy s7 Combination

Samsung SM-G9300 Combination File Binary

Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G9300 Combination files Binary G9300 U1, G9300 U2, G9300 U3, G9300 U4, G9300 U5, G9300 U6.

  • Samsung SM-G9300 Combination File

Samsung SM-G9308 Combination File Binary

Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G9308 Combination files Binary G9308 U1, G9308 U2, G9308 U3, G9308 U4, G9308 U5, G9308 U6.

  • Samsung SM-G9308 Combination File

    Samsung SM-G930A Combination File Binary

    Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930A Combination files Binary G930A U1, G930A U2, G930A U3, G930A U4, G930A U5, G930A U6.

    • Samsung SM-G930A Combination File
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930AUCU4AQG1_G930V_CL7396706_QB14299582_REV02_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.rar
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930AUCU4AQF1_CL7396706
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930A_T1_UCU4AQE5_CL7396706_QB13619963_REV02_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.rar

    Samsung SM-G930F Combination File Binary

    Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930F Combination files Binary G930F U1, G930F U2, G930F U3, G930F U4, G930F U5, G930F U6.

    • Samsung SM-G930F Combination File
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930FXXU3ARI2_CL7964511
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930FXXU2ARA2_CL7964511_QB16581296_REV00_user_mid_noship.rar
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930FXXU1APL4_CL7964511_QB11847955.rar
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930FXXU1API2_CL7964511_QB11037233.rar
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930FXXU1APC7_CL7570560_QB9095832_REV00_user_mid_noship.tar.md5.7z
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930FLAU1AQI1_CL7964511_QB14932384

    Samsung SM-G930P Combination File Binary

    Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930P Combination files Binary G930P U1, G930P U2, G930P U3, G930P U4, G930P U5, G930P U6.

    • Samsung SM-G930P Combination File
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930A_T1_UCU4AQE5_CL7396706_QB13619963_REV02_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.rar
      • COMBINATION_FA60_G930PUCU4AQB1_CL7396725_QB12703761_REV02_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.rar

    Samsung SM-G930R Combination File Binary

    Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930R Combination files Binary G930R U1, G930R U2, G930R U3, G930R U4, G930R U5, G930R U6.

    • Samsung SM-G930R Combination File

      Samsung SM-G930S Combination File Binary

      Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930S Combination files Binary G930S U1, G930S U2, G930S U3, G930S U4, G930S U5, G930S U6.

      • Samsung SM-G930S Combination File

      Samsung SM-G930T Combination File Binary

      Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930T Combination files Binary G930T U1, G930T U2, G930T U3, G930T U4, G930T U5, G930T U6.

      • Samsung SM-G930T Combination File

      Samsung SM-G930U Combination File Binary

      Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930U Combination files Binary G930U U1, G930U U2, G930U U3, G930U U4, G930U U5, G930U U6.

      • Samsung SM-G930U Combination File

      Samsung SM-G930V Combination File Binary

      Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930V Combination files Binary G930V U1, G930V U2, G930V U3, G930V U4, G930V U5, G930V U6.

      • Samsung SM-G930V Combination File
        • COMBINATION_FA60_G930VVRU4ARA1_CL7393782_QB16398232_REV02_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT(

      Samsung SM-G930W Combination File Binary

      Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930W Combination files Binary G930W U1, G930W U2, G930W U3, G930W U4, G930W U5, G930W U6.

      • Samsung SM-G930W Combination File

        Samsung SM-G930X Combination File Binary

        Download samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930X Combination files Binary G930X U1, G930X U2, G930X U3, G930X U4, G930X U5, G930X U6.

        • Samsung SM-G930X Combination File

          How to remove FRP samsung galaxy s7 with combination file

          Time needed: 30 minutes.

          We are going to remove samsung galaxy s7 FRP Google account by using combination file.

          1. Turn off samsung galaxy s7

            Before start the process we need to tun the device off.

          2. Put the samsung galaxy s7 into recovery mode

            To enter in recovery mode you need to press volume up key and press power key together for 10 seconds. after logo appears release the power key keep holing volume up key. It will bring your samsung galaxy s7 into download mode.

            put samsung recovery mode
          3. Check security patch level

            To check security patch you have to see PDA version in our case “C701FDDU1CRK1″ here boot loader is U1. We will download combination file according to U1.

          4. Download Samsung Combination file

            Download combination file from above list. you can also get all combination from official site.

          5. Put samsung galaxy s7 into download mode

            To enter you latest samsung galaxy s7 into download mode you have to turn the device off. You recover a USB data cable ( Type C) or (Type B) depends on your device. while pressing volume down key simultaneously connect the USB cable to a computer with Samsung device now press power key. It will bring you device into download mode.

          6. Download Samsung Odin3

            You need to download a latest verion of Samsung Odin3. You can get latest version from

          7. Flash combination file A10

            After extract combination file select your file into PDA input field. Now at last click on Start button. It will take around three minutes to complete flashing.

          8. samsung galaxy s7 Enable Developer option

            Now, find setting in combination menu enable developer option, by tapping

          9. Enable OEM unlocking option on samsung galaxy s7

            Enter in developer option, enable OEM unlocking. in case there is no option of OEM unlocking just enable the USB debugging.

          10. Enable USB Debugging A10

            After enable developer option, go to developer option in from settings, Just tab to enable USB debugging.

          11. Download official firmware for samsung galaxy s7

            download the correct official firmware from according to device model number and bootloader.

          12. Flash official firmware on samsung galaxy s7

            This is the last step just select you four file official firmware into Odin fields. Do not select CSC file. in CSC field select home file. all done you have succesfully remove FRP lock from Samsung A10.

            remove frp Flash official firmware on Samsung

          Video Solution FRP remove with combination file

          How to remove FRP Samsung A10

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